Cuvée for…private occasions

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Canti Cuvée Brut and Cuvée Dolce

When you think about Cuvée the first thing that comes to mind are the great French classics, the exclusive labels, magnificent wines that everyone would like to try at least once in their life.

And yet there are other Cuvée wines that are just as special and interesting, but for different reasons – they bring together different grape varieties with their characteristic flavours, filling everyone’s glass with a pleasing, characterful wine and making even the most simple evening feel unique and intriguing.

It is easy – if we can say that – to produce a wine from a great grape, grown in the perfect environment that has been very carefully selected… it is much more difficult to produce a sparkling wine that has class and style, yet is also suitable for everyday consumption.

Yet try the Cuvée Brut or the Cuvée Dolce from Canti. The first is the perfect mix of the Garganega, Glera, Cortese and Trebbiano grape with its hints of apple and mature pear and its persistent fruit aromas – it is the perfect accompaniment to the traditional Italian cuisine of pasta served with seafood or crispy vegetables – try it on a relaxed evening spent in the company of friends or family.

But if you’re having a party, don’t forget to serve Canti’s Cuvée Dolce. Made from the Malvasia and Moscato grape, it is a pleasantly sweet lightly sparkling wine, perfect served with traditional Italian pastries such as the sbrisolona mantovana (a traditional cake made with almonds) or classic biscuits from the region of Tuscany.

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