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Merlot Sangiovese

If there is one grape that can be found in all the different regions of Italy, that grape is Sangiovese. Whilst it is cultivated in Romagna, Campania, Umbria and Tuscany, there isn’t a part of the country that doesn’t use the grape as a blend in one of its flagship products. Its origins are much debated, but one thing is certain, the grape’s widespread use and appreciation over the centuries is proof of its quality.

So what are these qualities? Resilience, consistency, and a decisive character. The producers of Brunello di Montalcino and Vino Nobile (two of the great Italian wines that use the Sangiovese grape as their principal “ingredient” ) know this very well, but so do the many enthusiasts of Chianti Classico: for them this variety is considered almost sacred, they believe that it should be appreciated predominantly in its pure form.

Sangiovese has now crossed the Italian borders and found a welcome place on the table in other parts of the world, including California. It can be used to give body to wines that are lighter and more fun, used for everyday consumption. When Sangiovese is blended with more versatile, international grapes such as Merlot the result is a warm, enveloping red wine ideal with meat dishes or seasoned vegetables.

Canti’s Merlot-Sangiovese Sicilia I.G.T. is an interesting coupling, a wine with an elevated alcohol content and an intense red fruit aroma, perfect with red meat dishes or mature cheeses. More spirited and intriguing, the Sangiovese-Merlot Rosè Daunia Sicilia I.G.T. gives the impression of a pleasant sea breeze, it is delicate and fragrant and the perfect match for a spaghetti dinner or seafood dish served overlooking the sea.

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